Employee Spotlight: Avery Rogers

Holland Matheson

Our team at Peregrine is made up of dedicated individuals with deep expertise in their respective fields, combining their knowledge to support public safety. We periodically showcase the core of our organization – the people who make it exceptional. This profile has been edited lightly for clarity.

Meet Avery, a Forward Deployed Engineer at Peregrine. Avery has been instrumental in addressing complex challenges and supporting our mission to help our customers solve their most challenging problems. Read on for five questions with Avery to delve into her role and experiences.

Tell us about your professional background and what made you want to join Peregrine.

I graduated in 2021 with a degree in economics and computer science, and after that, I began my career at Palantir. There, I engaged in data engineering and analysis for healthcare customers and Department of Defense projects, working closely with clients worldwide as a Forward Deployed Engineer. For those who don’t know, Forward Deployed Engineers blend technical acumen with an interest in getting out into the field to solve real-world problems. We meet customers where they are to help them find the best data-driven solution.

My time at Palantir honed my ability to tackle diverse challenges, ultimately setting the stage for my transition to Peregrine.

I am captivated by a dynamic startup environment, and I’ve always been passionate about local and state policies and government. Peregrine’s mission allows me to make a real impact on American life at a local level, it was an ideal choice for the next step in my career.

Explain a unique technical challenge or problem you’ve worked on during your time at Peregrine.

Recently, I’ve been working on Peregrine’s emergency management capabilities. It’s related to, but definitely unique when compared to traditional law enforcement. I’ve helped the offices of emergency management (OEM) disaster response efforts, it’s been a really cool project.

Optimizing OEM operations based on data can make or break a response to an emergency. Our goal is to enable OEM leadership to better allocate resources and personnel and answer questions like: Who should be where? What information do they need? What resources do they have to respond to an emergency?

We enable them to answer complex questions like these using data by integrating and visualizing open-source, hyper-local forecasts from the National Weather Service alongside county property data in Peregrine. We combine that information with the OEM’s data on resources they have available – things like ambulances, flashlights, or water, in terms of how much they have and where they are across a geography. On top of that unified data set, we add forward-looking capabilities to help them understand 1) when an emergency might occur, 2) where their resources are, and 3) what they should do to best respond to a flood or fire to keep people and property safe.

It’s so rewarding to be able to pair my technical expertise with real-world, tangible outcomes that I know can help people living in communities across the country.

Which company value resonates with you the most?

Empathetic communication and mutual support stand out. Since joining Peregrine, I've experienced a welcoming and collaborative environment, where every team member is valued and supported. The company's dedication to a positive candidate experience and ongoing employee growth has made a significant impact on me. This is a tight-knit team, and I experienced the positive culture through every interview and onboarding session. So many people across the company congratulated me when I accepted my offer, and I received a very warm virtual welcome on my first day from almost every single person at the company. Peregrine puts people first and has the support system in place for us to succeed.

Avery in the mountains

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at Peregrine?

I would emphasize the importance of clarity in problem-solving and the ability to stay focused on real-world impacts. For those aspiring to join Peregrine, especially in a forward-deployed role, understanding the customers’ core issue and its broader implications is crucial. I also recommend maintaining a balance between technical expertise and the customer’s mission – that will ensure our solutions are always grounded in practical, meaningful outcomes.

What’s something people don’t know about you?

Well, I’m a huge fan of true crime podcasts and FBI/CIA shows [laughs], which obviously ties to my work at Peregrine and being around that in real life. In all seriousness, the opportunity to solve genuine problems that will make communities a better place for people to live and thrive is so rewarding. 

Do you want to solve real-world problems and make your city a better place to live? Check out our open roles and start your journey with Peregrine today. Together, let’s build the future of public safety.

Better, faster
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Better, faster
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