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Peregrine provides the agencies who keep our communities safe with actionable intelligence that helps them reduce crime while safeguarding personal liberties.

We leverage cutting-edge software to integrate and secure data of any type or scale, and empower public safety teams with intuitive interfaces to search, analyze, and collaborate in real-time. Rather than offer isolated tools and components, Peregrine delivers a comprehensive solution that is implemented in weeks (not months or years) and does not require changing or replacing current systems.

Peregrine supports the implementation of intelligence-led policing strategies, real-time crime data intelligence, regional intelligence fusion, community-oriented policing, electronic case filing, and the efficient management of investigations. Our systems are designed to enhance policy compliance without compromising operational effectiveness, and to reinforce privacy and civil liberties controls to build and continuously reinforce trust with communities. We believe that practical implementation of modern software can deliver far better outcomes for public safety at a significantly lower cost.

We are inspired to work hand-in-hand with public servants. Our customers are our partners; we listen to their needs, learn from their experiences, and develop effective software experiences to help them do their best work.

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We believe that thoughtful deployment of modern technology to solve hard problems in government will create positive change for our society, and we seek teammates who want to be part of our mission.
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