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At Peregrine, we create data fusion platforms that empower public safety agencies to integrate, manage, and secure all of their data. Once data is integrated, we deploy interactive software applications for people to make real-time decisions backed by reliable information.

Our software has been used to diffuse organized crime networks, de-escalate hostage scenarios, reduce property theft, solve violent crime cases, find victims of human trafficking, and more.

Using the same platform, agencies have accelerated their response to public records requests, prevented false arrests, provided targeted services for at-risk populations, and securely shared data with community members.

With every partnership, Peregrine delivers industry-leading privacy and security controls to help agencies unlock complex interagency collaboration workflows, enable new types of public-private partnership, and build trust with the communities they serve.

We are inspired to work hand-in-hand with public servants. Our customers are our partners; we listen to their needs, learn from their experiences, and develop software experiences to help them do their best work.

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We believe that thoughtful deployment of modern technology to solve hard problems in government will create positive change for our society, and we seek teammates who want to be part of our mission.
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