Employee Spotlight: Kate Eazer

Holland Matheson

Our team at Peregrine is made up of dedicated individuals with deep law enforcement experience and technologists committed to supporting public safety. We will be periodically highlighting what makes Peregrine most special – the people. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Kate Eazer is a Product Marketing Manager at Peregrine. She joined the team in May 2023 to strategically communicate how Peregrine’s dynamic, configurable platform works and is used to solve real-world challenges by our customers. Read on to learn how she tells our story to the market and represents the voice of the customer:

Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?

I’ve been in the marketing world for almost a decade now. I’ve worked in startups for the last five years, focusing heavily on product marketing. I tried on many different marketing hats as I grew in the field, but product marketing really spoke to me, and I’ve never looked back. I love this role because I’m able to leverage my creativity, and empathy, and think outside the box to help customers see the value of the amazing technology we’re building.

What made you want to join Peregrine?

I was initially drawn to Peregrine’s customers because many of my personal family ties to the law enforcement community. My mom was a prosecutor, my dad was an investigator, and several extended family members have served in police and sheriff departments. I grew up immersed in the public safety community and often heard about their struggles and victories to protect and serve. When I saw our product, I thought of my family’s ability to do their job safely and effectively by leveraging data. But it was the people I met through the interview process that solidified my passion and excitement to join this talented team with a meaningful mission. 

What is a day in the life of a Product Marketing Manager at Peregrine? 

In essence, I help explain what Peregrine does, how it works, and most importantly, why it matters – why Peregrine can help solve the unique challenges people across state and local government agencies face every single day when they try to serve their communities. 

I communicate Peregrine's value through various materials, including customer success stories, informative one-pagers, and the website. Also, I enjoy working cross-functionally with various departments every day. I create appropriate messaging/content for our business development team, assist in shaping the product roadmap with our product team, and encourage healthy user adoption and retention with our success team.

What motivates you in your role? 

I’m driven by the tangible impact I can make on our platform. Seeing the customer journey unfold, from initial discovery to full implementation, really motivates me. I have the opportunity to promote Peregrine's message and create value through the content and projects I am a part of. I know I’m directly contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.

What sets Peregrine apart from other startups or competitors?

I see Peregrine as a differentiator across three dimensions.

  1. People: We have some of the smartest and most driven people I've ever worked with. Peregrine is succeeding because we have the right people in the best positions to thoughtfully grow this business. We also know how to have fun. I’ve made such valuable memories with teammates at conferences, customer engagements, and our off-sites.

  2. Customer Empathy: I’ve never worked for a company that cares so much about its customers — many ‘talk the talk’ but Peregrine ‘walks the walk’. We wholeheartedly serve our customers, with our mission solely focused on solving their most challenging problems and unlocking maximum value for them.

  3. Equitable Ownership: Peregrine genuinely cares about bringing various backgrounds and perspectives to the same table. We invest heavily in this because we believe it’s key in delivering unique and transformative solutions to our customers. In such an early-stage startup, deeply prioritizing different perspectives in the work we create sets us apart from the rest.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to work for us? 

The best advice I can offer to someone interested in working for Peregrine is to be resourceful, take ownership, and ask questions. If you're seeking a dynamic, challenging, and empowering environment with a mission that drives you forward, Peregrine is the place to be. Don't hesitate to voice your opinions and stand behind ideas that can benefit the business. We're all committed to Peregrine's success, so if you have an idea, run with it. Finally, take this time to learn from your colleagues and ask questions. You'll leave each interaction feeling inspired and with more knowledge than you had before.

Do you want to solve real-world problems and make your city a better place to live? Check out our open roles and start your journey with Peregrine today. Together, let’s build the future of public safety.

Better, faster
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Better, faster
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