Peregrine Academy launches: A new training paradigm for public safety

Maya Jacobs

Today, Peregrine launched Peregrine Academy, our on-demand training program, utilizing a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline the management, tracking, and delivery of customized educational courses.  

Each course includes interactive elements, knowledge checks, and completion badges, ensuring a personalized experience that enhances user engagement and provides comprehensive education on how to maximize the Peregrine platform. 

We built Peregrine Academy because training for new technologies often falls short within public safety agencies. Generalized training – the unfortunate norm – doesn’t meet each agency’s unique needs and requirements. It lacks clear objectives and fails to address long-standing problems within a given department. 

“Training simply isn’t prioritized by many companies,” said Paige Burley, Peregrine’s Head of Training & Client Advocacy. “Law enforcement is a hard job. Most companies don’t even do the standard level of training law enforcement deserves. If they do training, it’s a basic overview unconnected to what an agency actually wants to achieve.” 

We’ve taken the opposite approach. Our training is not a generalized overview of features within Peregrine. Instead, our training program is geared towards teaching department members how to solve their specific challenges. Doing so means personnel will immediately have daily-use solutions that solve critical problems. 

“Law enforcement officers are being thrown so much technology. We want to make training as simple as possible and interactive. We use agencies’ own data; we want them to see Peregrine in action on real-world scenarios they might encounter that aligns with the problems they have and their departments’ priorities,” said Ryann Stefanye, Training Manager at Peregrine. 

Peregrine Academy is one more way for law enforcement personnel to learn how to use Peregrine to solve their hardest problems, aligned with Peregrine’s training principles. 

Tailored content 

We develop training programs tailored to the roles and responsibilities for public safety personnel, taking everything from each, individual agency’s goals, priorities, procedures, and skill sets of their team into account to curate training. 

“The first thing we do is dive deep into an agency’s data,” Stefanye explained. “We want to understand their data and how they’re using it. Then, we train personnel to solve specific problems. It gives people those a-ha moments we love.” 

In Peregrine Academy, there are persona-based learning paths, meaning an analyst’s training on Peregrine will be different from an investigator or member of the executive leadership team. 

Interactive learning 

Whether it’s a virtual or in-person training, agency personnel are using their own data in Peregrine during training. Our training team also leverages scenario-based training, role-playing exercises, and simulations. These methods allow participants to apply knowledge and skills in realistic situations, enhancing retention and readiness. 

“It’s very question-oriented,” Burley said. “The question I love to hear is, ‘Can Peregrine do X?’ Because Peregrine can.” 

“A police captain told us that our trainings being based on real-world data from their department distinguished Peregrine,” Burley continued. “We want to know what’s working for them, and what’s not. If their team is still having challenges achieving a particular outcome or solving a certain problem, we’ll do follow-on trainings. Peregrine Academy is another avenue to unlock interactive, continual learning.” 

Collaborative training and peer learning 

One of our main goals is to facilitate opportunities for interagency collaboration and joint training exercises involving multiple law enforcement agencies within a region – Peregrine User Group Communities. We’re starting with Northern California agencies and will be expanding soon. 

“We’re planning in-person gatherings where select personnel across agencies will have the chance to share how they’re using Peregrine with peers in their region and get a first look at new features in our platform,” Stefanye said. 

Are you interested in joining a Peregrine User Group Community in your region? Reach out here.

Collaborative training fosters teamwork, coordination, and interoperability among agencies, enhancing overall effectiveness in responding to incidents. “Peregrine Academy will give members of each User Group Community a chance to chat, ask questions, share links, and work together to solve problems,” Burley said. “We know law enforcement agencies across the country are all working to keep their communities and officers safe. If we can help them help each other, we want to.” 

Easier, better, simpler 

Peregrine isn’t seen as a tool that just 'gets the job done' — users truly enjoy using it because it makes their lives and work easier, better, and simpler.   

"I use Peregrine every day. It's hard to come by law enforcement technology that's actually useful," says Jordan Compton, Intelligence Analyst at Atlanta Police Department. "It's my job to support our command staff and investigatory teams. Peregrine not only enables me to visualize criminal networks and find previously undiscovered information so our detectives can solve cases more quickly, but also unlocks unique insights about trends that inform our overall crime prevention strategy." 

But ultimately, Peregrine’s training works because we’re not successful unless our customers are.  

“We care,” Stefanye said, simply.  

Burley continued, “We want to give people as many options as possible. If there are officers coming in at 9:00 pm for the night patrol shift, we’ll train them at night. If they can only do online training, we’ll give them online training. We approach training with understanding and empathy, and it works for us.” 

Mike Prate, a Customer Advocate at Peregrine, said it best: “We are not a vendor. We are a partner in your mission.” 

Register for an online training today or reach out to our team to request a training if you don’t see what you need.   

Better, faster
in 90 days

Better, faster
in 90 days